• AimAltus - Aim for Altus
    Aim - Focus a target with the intent of achieving
    Altus | means "high, deep, noble or profound"
  • Aim Altus - Aim High

    Achieve higher performance benchmarks
  • Aim Altus - Aim Deep

    Explore deeper, newer possibilities
  • Aim Altus - Aim Noble

    Achieve a win for our customer. Always
  • Aim Altus - Aim Profound

    Achieve change which is real and long-term

Who We Are

We provide solutions in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Social Media, Outsourcing and Start ups. Our consulting is based on real world answers and fact based choices.
Combining best practices and experience of the some of the best global minds and corporations. We always provide realistic and creative/out of box solutions. Whether you are a large established business, a start-up or individual business owner, you will find a service meeting your business needs. We know what your business pain is and we definitely know how to remove it.

Why Us

Our name sums up our organizational mission and vision in two words-AIM and ALTUS.
To Aim is to focus on a target with the intent of achieving, in essence knowing which direction the goal lies and focussing on that goal.
Altus is a Latin word meaning "high, deep, noble or profound", and we try to embody it all in what we bring to the table

High - We work with you to notch up your organizational benchmarks

Deep - We explore indepth solutions and open up possibilities

Noble- Our one point goal is to ensure the customer wins

Profound - We want your experience with our solutions to trigger your thinking beyond the as is to the can be.

At aimALTUS we AIM for ALTUS and invite you to join us in that journey.

Our Services


Developing a good strategy is vital and implementation is equally essential. Getting both right is absolutely important. Strategy thought process can make all the difference, so don't leave it to chance. Also do not copy paste a strategy which was developed for someone else.

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Customers have multiple options and your brand does not stand a chance until it speaks at decibel higher, resonates with them deeper, touches their heart.

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Social Media

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, SEO, Google, Email marketing, Xing in Germany, Vkontakte in Russia and well the list is endless. We make it very easy.

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You have the idea!! Now what? Let us be your partner from Idea to Execution to Success Having a great idea is the recipe for success.

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Please contact us about what you want to outsource.

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