Who We Are

We provide consulting in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Social Media, Outsourcing and Start ups.
We combine the best global practices and experience of sharpest global minds. We always search for creative and out of box solutions. Whether you are a large established business, a start-up or individual business owner, you will find a solution meeting your business needs.

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About Us

We firmly believe old principles still make sense. Strategy, Positioning, Branding - even though extremely relevant today are thrown around and confuse most people in todays world.
Yes a lot has changed - channels, choices ....
A lot remains the same - wants, needs, values ....
The key to every marketing effort lies with the customer. Our strength is the ability to find exactly what your customer wants. We will help you talk the customer language, use words familiar with your customer. Knowing customers closely and competition closely will lead you to know exactly what your strategy, positioning and marketing should be.
Everything else falls in place with ease pricing, promotion, place - how to reach and what channels to use. Rushing in and using the same methods and tools that worked for another company, another situation is flawed. Its like shooting with a blindfold.