Frequently Asked Questions

AIMALTUS is a consulting organisation excelling in Strategy, Marketing, Social Media, Outsourcing and Entrepreneurs. We source knowledge and knowhow of a global pool of experts. We search to find solutions across borders, across industries and across functions. We work with a lean structure and assemble a team when needed and disperse it when the project is completed. Thats what makes us quick and cost efficient.

aimALTUS is a close knit group and only those who are invited or who bring their expertise to the table are able to invest.

If you are interested in working with us send us a 50 - 100 word essay on you.
Tell us what you are passionate about and what is it you excel at.
Send us an email without an attachement (do not send your resume).

We are open, all inclusive and creative group. Your colour, gender, race, orientation and any of the stupid human biases are totally irrelevant.
We have two simple criteria 1) Do you have brains and/or common sense 2) Are you able to use it and create the extraordinary.

Our costing is based on project size or duration. Thats how we price our services. But every project that we do will clearly define your ROI and we will explain to you in clear terms what kind of returns our intervention will bring for your business.

All the large corporations pay enormous sums of money to strategy consultancy companies as they know any implementation which is without a proper strategy is a failure. A strategic approach provides you a laser sharp focus to your business objectives.
Smaller firms do not have the bandwidth and resources to such business intelligence. This is where we come in and our business model gives you the successful strategic choices at a fraction of cost.

SEO or search engine optimisation consists of making you rank higher in the page ranking of search engines(mostly google).
The idea is that a SEO advisor is aware of the criteria that search engines use to rank websites and she/he can put those in place for your website too, so that more people visit your website. SEM is search engine marketing which involves SEO and other ways of marketing through better search engine results.
SEO/SEM has its benefits but its usefulness depends on a lot of other factors. How long has your company existed? How many competitors you have? What keywords are people searching? and so on...

Social media are platforms or digital areas/apps/methods on the internet where people communicate their stories/ideas. For companies it is a means to spreading the essage about their company. We have a plethora of social media platforms today. Trying to be visible on each one isgoing to lead to your failure. A consultant such as us will be able to tell you where your customer is and visits and will give you the best methods to attract and keep those customers.

Our approach is simple - we believe in being wise, being open, being creative. We collaborate with many consultants and have access to multitudes of skillsets Which provides us the ability to help you achieve yoru business goals. Our focus area is you - the customer. We want only a few customer for whom we are the goto consultants for all areas of startegy, marketing and social media.

Every part of the process in your business can be outsourced. Not good at book keeping - outsource. Not good at making calls - outsource. Not good at graphic design - outsource.
Do what you are great at. outsource what others can do better, faster and at a fraction of the price.